Saturday, November 7, 2009

a gaggle of Caricaturists

Group Gigz!

Don't you just love 'em... a number of artists called together
to draw for the greater good, or rather a greater crowd.
Different art supplies, diverse styles and energy

The rarity of the group gig makes them quite special,
breaking me out of Lone Wolf caricature artist mode and transforming
me into a unique element of a select crowd pleasing super team!

In every group gig scenario there is that one person
who decides to get a caricaturefrom every artist
- its a fun opportunity to see your cartoon interpretation
of a particular face next to a variety of others.

Not to mention the variety of personal styles, different
art supplies and techniques , strange and exciting new set ups
n easels n things... fresh and exciting gig chatter and anti heckler pitter patter
.. definitely an eye opener to see how others approach things,
gives you some perspective on your own old n dusty routines...

As this holiday season fast approaches with alot
more of the larger corporate events, I look forward to slingin ink next to
all my peers; those Ive enjoyed working with in the past and those I have yet to meet

Friday, November 6, 2009

more Con Art from the distant past

a subway surfer all the way

got me a Double Dose o Dogwater
Lartastik, even back in '03
a pat harringtoon

The ME Galleria...
or GallerMea I suppose


Way back, way way back...
im talking 2006/07, dinosaur daze..
The ISCA was the National Caricature Network,
and I crossed the border to visit my brethren in
Vegas and in Orlando
not to mention trips to draw
at some theme parks in Virginia and Cali.
The are the inktastik treasures pillaged from foreign pens
on those adventures... as well as some digital internet
snipes at my visage

Enjoy!Tel no lies!

Mike Hassen


Ben B


yet another from Ben!

missed it, i really did this year...


Well, its come and gone, the annual ISCA convention 2009, and I really felt its absence this year..I missed last years as well, but I was still reeling from 2 in a row, Vegas and Orlando. Now im 2 away and feel like the oddball hermit cousin, far and away from the family reunion.
It was perfect timing.. the end of the park season... wham, right there the day after I cashed out the stands for the last time in 2009.
Unfortunately it just wasnt in the cards this year... alot of the team went this year and I'm really looking forward to hearing about it from them all, living it vicariously through their snapshots, their artwork, their hoards of collected caricature treasures.

After writing this, I just had to paw through some of my own memories from past cons..

one of my favorites of the con, thanks Greg


I still need a 2 handed mikey for me collection!

chillin with Eds

cue Rule Brittania

Tom Richmond muscling in on my wife

WTF, I said caricature not character...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

InkSlingin Caricatures!

I feel that the best caricatures are the ones that stretch the boundaries of the victim, at least a little bit whilst still retaining enough likeness for the viewer to feel ownership of the drawing. Nothing worse than seeing your victim stare blankly at your work dumbfounded, not recognizing themselves.
Unfortunately I've seen that look at a spot on caricature as well, some people just dont know what they look like, just how odd, garish and goofy they really are...

Not all of these caricatures are stretching the limits, some are quite tame cartoons, but I like each for what they were at the time and have kept them as yardsticks of my development.

Enjoy!These two are perfect examples of the party caricature style,
quick and fun, with tiny gag bodies.
no cleaning up or youngifying, just quick n bare bones ink around the 5 minute mark,
with more than enough likeness to appease the watchersa pen and ink illustration on a whim for a local newpaper, the Uxbridge Cosmos.
not quite as quick and dirty as the party pirates above.
Working in pen and ink is a slower process and often demands a predrawing to ink upon.
It is one of my favorite ways to work, i love the feel of the crowquill scratchin on the page.
the cross hatcing, the tiny lines, the nib gives great thick and thin line in response to pressure.
Good inks are getting harder to come by these modern days.
Gift Caricatures!
I love them and I hate them.. or rather I hate the process involved in them.
On the one ink stained hand there is the leisure of working in your own studio at your own pace, coffee at hand, Basset hound at your feet. On the other hand there is inevitable the worst selection of pictures sent by the client to work with.
I have had pictures too tiny to know what i was looking at, pictures of people in sunglasses with a note to not drawing them without the glasses. The all time headache inducing picture recieved is the tiny, shot of a person, eyes squinting, poor lighting, often partially obscured by a car, a moose, a hand...

I often say to my clients that if you can't tell the colour of a persons eyes, hair or any other likeness creating details in a pic, then we need to find another pic, preferably 2 or three pix.
It is a challenge, but I do enjoy working from good pictures, especially with a fun list of interests, gags or props to add into the composition.. I love hiding little details in the background.

InkTastiK baby..

InkTastik times...
With another park season behind me,
I now have time to do all the things I didn't have time for
with 10-12 hour shifts in the park...
time to unpack the Dr Martin Black Star and coloured inks,
the 102 crow quills and start working on some editorial illustrations,
comics n cartoons..

here are a medley of some of my favorites from the past few years...