Wednesday, November 4, 2009

2009 post season ramblings...

And so another Season has come and gone, it seems like only 6 months ago that I was digging and cleaning clogged Createx paint out of crusty airbrush bottles, pulling old Paasche airbrush parts from storage and scrambling for enough working parts to assemble guns for 3 working well as meeting, greeting and training a new batch of talented caricature artists.

It was a great season in the park, with my personal sales targets met and exceeded! I finally passed the $2000 mark, ($2015 to be exact) this year at AirbrushTshirts, thats pre-tax and doesn't include the cost of the product either! I can bask in the memory of all the guests of Canadas Wonderland I had the pleasure to draw or clothe in Wunderful Painted gear.

This was the season I invested in a full set of 5 Iwata airbrushes of my very own, no longer to be frustrated by reliance on the poor, abused and unenthusiastically cleaned Paasche airbrushes in the stand.

I still recall the one (and only) shift I left my airbrush kit at my home studio. Matt, a Lead cashier had gotten 2 of the most involved shirt orders. a $65.00 design, skull/flag combo designed by visiting AirbrushMaster Tank. I put together 5 of the worst of the paasche guns, took them apart again, cleaned and re assembled 3 that were gave a satisfactory flow with minimal skips and jumps in paint.. what a hard shift that was, but we got through it. Next season I am definitely implementing a rigid cleaning schedule, with evening inspections.
The Beatings will continue until Morale (and ab cleaning skill) improves...

Caricature arts definitely had its challenges this season, with a substantial price increase on all products. All our artists struggled with this and the sales momentum for the season was late coming on as a result, with a dip in morale as well as much backbench rumblings. As always, the dedicated drew in sales, and improved both their skills and their tan lines throughout the season.

It was both exciting and challenging to jump back and forth between Airbrush Arts and Caricature Prime this season as Senior Supervisor and my lead artist Ed was invaluable to me at Caricatures, taking on the scheduling duties and allowing me the breathing room to focus the challenges at AirbrushT'shirts...

I look forward to 2010, what challenges await? what will the team look like next season??
what pop culture references will be popular for caricatures and drawings on clothing???
Gadz, I hope the popularity of basketball and soccer will diminish at least a little. Bring on the kids, teens and adult who have something interesting in mind to challenge and bring a smile to the weary, paint spattered artist at the Airbrush booth... I say, Bring it on!

yer friendly neighbourhood theme park artist,

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