Friday, November 6, 2009

missed it, i really did this year...


Well, its come and gone, the annual ISCA convention 2009, and I really felt its absence this year..I missed last years as well, but I was still reeling from 2 in a row, Vegas and Orlando. Now im 2 away and feel like the oddball hermit cousin, far and away from the family reunion.
It was perfect timing.. the end of the park season... wham, right there the day after I cashed out the stands for the last time in 2009.
Unfortunately it just wasnt in the cards this year... alot of the team went this year and I'm really looking forward to hearing about it from them all, living it vicariously through their snapshots, their artwork, their hoards of collected caricature treasures.

After writing this, I just had to paw through some of my own memories from past cons..

one of my favorites of the con, thanks Greg


I still need a 2 handed mikey for me collection!

chillin with Eds

cue Rule Brittania

Tom Richmond muscling in on my wife

WTF, I said caricature not character...


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