Saturday, November 7, 2009

a gaggle of Caricaturists

Group Gigz!

Don't you just love 'em... a number of artists called together
to draw for the greater good, or rather a greater crowd.
Different art supplies, diverse styles and energy

The rarity of the group gig makes them quite special,
breaking me out of Lone Wolf caricature artist mode and transforming
me into a unique element of a select crowd pleasing super team!

In every group gig scenario there is that one person
who decides to get a caricaturefrom every artist
- its a fun opportunity to see your cartoon interpretation
of a particular face next to a variety of others.

Not to mention the variety of personal styles, different
art supplies and techniques , strange and exciting new set ups
n easels n things... fresh and exciting gig chatter and anti heckler pitter patter
.. definitely an eye opener to see how others approach things,
gives you some perspective on your own old n dusty routines...

As this holiday season fast approaches with alot
more of the larger corporate events, I look forward to slingin ink next to
all my peers; those Ive enjoyed working with in the past and those I have yet to meet

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