Friday, November 6, 2009

more Con Art from the distant past

a subway surfer all the way

got me a Double Dose o Dogwater
Lartastik, even back in '03
a pat harringtoon

The ME Galleria...
or GallerMea I suppose


Way back, way way back...
im talking 2006/07, dinosaur daze..
The ISCA was the National Caricature Network,
and I crossed the border to visit my brethren in
Vegas and in Orlando
not to mention trips to draw
at some theme parks in Virginia and Cali.
The are the inktastik treasures pillaged from foreign pens
on those adventures... as well as some digital internet
snipes at my visage

Enjoy!Tel no lies!

Mike Hassen


Ben B


yet another from Ben!

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